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Soave: not only wine. Discovering the most authentic products.

The recent victory of Soave,in the contest created by the tv program Kilimangiaro,as best “ Borgo d’Italia”(link), rewards a territory that in addition to the beauty of its landscape and the richness of its historical heritage, offers a number of enogastronomic delicacies . Next to Soave ,in its various   internationally famous typologies ,there are many products of absolute excellence. From the extra virgin olive oil  to cheese,from raw ham to cherries there’s a world to discover and taste!

Extravirgin Olive Oil Veneto Valpolicella DOP.
In our peninsula there are 500 varieties of olives, 100 times more than in any other oil producing  Country. The Veronese area also has its autochthonous cultivars thanks to a particularly favourable climate and terroir.  Grignano and Favorol are the olives present at least for 50% in the Valpolicella DOP. The rest comes from different varieties like Pendolino, Leccino, Maurino and more.

Of a nice bright yellow with greenish nuances when very fresh , the Valpolicella DOP is slightly fruity on the nose,with some spicy notes ; in the mouth is well balanced , fruity, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

According to the regulations, olives are harvested exclusively by hand or comb, directly from the plant. The olives are then cold pressed with mechanical procedures on the same day of the harvest to guarantee the oil its high organoleptic qualities.  Excellent raw , it is also excellent in cooking and its high resistance to high temperatures makes it particularly digestible. To be stored in dry places and away from light, the Valpolicella DOPis particularly appreciated between 4 and 6 months from the  pressing.

The Mora of Cazzano.
The name Mora is misleading because we are not talking of blackberries  but of cherries. The Mora of Cazzano  (  area particularly suitable for the cultivation of cherries along the  Soave Road) is an autochthonous variety.  Of a nice bright red , round, medium large size has its pecularity in crunchiness and in the well balanced taste in which the sweetness stands out.

In Soave the cultivation of cherries is placed immediately behind grapes and olives and in spring the blossoming cherry trees , scattered a bit everywhere in the territory , offer  a  view  of great charm and beauty.

Eaten as a fresh product the cherries are also often used for jams. They are available between late May and late July: the cherry market of Montecchia di Crosare is the best place for shopping,but if you want you can contact the producers directly.

Prosciutto Crudo di Soave.
Raw ham is a product that the world envies us and almost every region in Italy has its own variety. Among them  Soave raw ham is the most prized mainly thanks to a traditional craftsmanship, an irrepetible climate and a very high quality of the raw material.

The noblest part of the pork legs comes exclusively from domestic pigs , bred in Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. Between 12 and 15 kg ,the legs are worked and salted manually according to traditional procedures. The seasoning varies from 12 months for Prosciutto Crudo Soave and a minimum of 16 for Prosciutto Crudo Soave Riserva .

A particular climate favours a slow curing process that gives the final product unique organoleptic characteristics for which it is so much appreciated: sweetness, aromas and a rare balance between fat and lean part highlighted by a soft red color, very inviting. Enjoy it to the fullest with a good glass of Soave (link to the article) :  you’ll be won over.

The Monte Veronese cheese.
The Veronese area boasts a noble and ancient dairy tradition ,documented since before the 1000AD. There the famous Monte Veronese cheese originates, produced in 2 different types , both made exclusively with cow’s milk:  Monte Veronese ‘whole milk’ and Monte Veronese ‘d’allevo‘.

Monte Veronese  latte intero is produced with whole milk. Sold from the twenty-fifth day of production , it is best appreciated very fresh,within a month from its appearance on the shelves. Cylindrical in shape , with a thin crust, a paste that goes from white to straw yellow, presents herbaceous and buttery notes to the nose. The taste is  sweet with a slight tendency to acidity. Goes well with sparkling wines and structured whites like Soave Classico. It does not disdain light reds.

Monte Veronese d’allevo is produced from semi-skimmed milk . It should be put on the market at least after 90 days, but it may even exceed 2 years. Cylindrical with a nice intense yellow rind and paste, depending on the degree of ageing , reminds the nose of cooked butter , hay , and aromatic herbs. The taste is intense ,strong: in the mouth there are notes of dried fruit. With time also grows  a spicy nuance, very appeciated. Versatile in the kitchen, but also at the end of a meal, it loves structured wines and is excellent with Recioto di Soave.

For any curiosity , you’ll only have to ask at the reception . At Corte dei Soavi Relais we can give you all the information you are looking for and possibly some good advice on where to buy authentic culinary jewels at affordable prices. Buon appetito!


Soave with food: a perfect marriage!

On warm summer days a good glass of white wine is always a blessing. But if the white we are talking of is Soave , pleasure is assured. Good if drunk alone, but excellent also during the meal, Soave is, among the whites, the one that stands out for its versatility with food. Its possible combinations are really many. Now it’s the right season and the chance to drink white wine at the table is more widespread, here are a few tips to make the most of a good  Soave.

Vines and designation of origin of Soave.

Soave production rules allow three vines: Garganega (minimum 70% up to 100%  depending on the needs of the producer ), Trebbiano di Soave and Chardonnay ( both up to a maximum of 30%). Also the designations are three.

Soave Doc: it is the largest area and includes 3 sub-areas:
a) Soave Doc produced almost exclusively in the plain. It is a light wine , drinkable , very pleasant. 
b) Soave Classico: the historical area that goes from Soave to Monteforte d’Alpone. The vineyards  wind along the hills and give much more structured wines, with an ageing capacity ranging from 5 to 7 years.
c) Soave Colli Scaligeri , the most recent of the 3  that “embraces” part of the Soave Classico. It gives fine wines , with a   good  ageing capacity.      

Soave Superiore Docg: the excellence of the designation. It includes all the Soave area Doc, but it requires on the basis of production regulations lower yields ( 10 tons per hectare against the 14 of the Soave Classico, a minimum alcohol content of 12 percent and to be on the market only from the April after  harvest ( the “Riserva” version can be released for sale after 14 months ). Often aged in wood , it has a more intense colour , with wide and variegated floral spectrum, an important structure and a great ageing capability.

Recioto di Soave Docg: the yield per hectare is 9 tons and the wine cannot have less than 14 degrees. It ‘s one of the great Italian passiti: sweet and with a great structure, with a beautiful golden colour, very fruity to the nose with hints of vanilla.


Soave at the table.
Who thinks  the Soave wine to be suitable to go  only with fish dishes or vegetables variously prepared ( peas, asparagus, bruscandoli, nettles) could have some nice surprise. In addition to accompanying in an excellent way the local cuisine and its renowned  local products (link to the article) , in its structured versions , Soave can be easily matched with meat  dishes , more or less aged cheeses and some desserts.

Here is a quick (but non-exhaustive) list of dishes that you can have with a good Soave, keeping in mind that in this field nothing prevents from daring even the most bold combinations . At worst you’ll leave the food and drink the wine!

Soave Doc in its freshest proposals goes very well with steamed fish, seafood with a light taste, summer vegetables dishes  and of course with local Soave raw ham. In its more structured versions , maybe aged in wood,are excellent freshly cooked or raw shellfish delicately seasoned, fleshy seafood in a pan, first courses with crustaceans , freshwater fish proposed with vegetables , grilled and roasted white meats, vegetable soups and risottos, fresh cheeses.

Soave Superiore Docg is excellent with important fish seasoned intensively, fresh salmon , baccalà, white meat cooked  with vegetables, appetizing meat/fish combinations such as crispy lard rolls and scampi, veal with tuna sauce, meat sauces and autumn and winter vegetables ( especially in versions that require ageing in barrique).

Recioto di Soave ( enjoy it as a meditation wine ) enhances the flavour of blu cheeses especially if accompanied by certain jams, it is extraordinary with the most aged versions of Monte Veronese, another excellence of the territory , gives unique emotions with fois gras and is the ideal wine for mini pastry and dark chocolate – based desserts.  In Verona it is a great classic of the Christmas holidays with Pandoro.

In our Relais we can give you  useful information to discover the best wineries in the area or the most typical restaurants where you can try this fabulous ductility of Soave with food. And maybe, after a nice hike or bike ride you’ll like to enjoy a good glass of wine, in the full relaxation of these wonderful hills, you’ll only have to ask for it because we’ll be able to satisfy you.


Soave has won the “ Borgo dei Borghi 2022”!

There are satisfactions bound to remain key points over the years. The victory of Soave as the best borgo in Italy in the contest created by the TV program Kilimangiaro on Rai3 , is for sure one of them.

It is not only the recognition of a beauty that has always filled us with pride, but also to know that such result is due to the commitment and perseverance of an entire community. In fact thanks to a far-sigted management of the territory we have an environment preserved in its original splendor both historical /cultural and of the landscape.

A territory rich in authentic excellences among which there is the Soave white, a wine famous all over the world, a beautiful gem among the other gems.

After Tropea in 2021, now it’s Soave’s turn!

Twenty competing borghi to represent each region of Italy: twenty small towns that testify ,once again, the extraordinary richness of our Country, its amazing diversity.

Soave has won the first place, followed by Millesimo (Savona) and Castelfranco Piandisco (Arezzo), achieving a historic result: It’s the first time that a borgo set in the Veneto region wins this television competition that dates back to 2014.

Among the motivations of the jury composed of starry chef Rosanna Marziale, Italian essayist and academic Piergiorgio Odifreddi and art historian Jacopo Veneziani, we read that to make Soave the most beautiful borgo in Italy have been in particular “its landscape and cultural peculiarities, its folklore and history” of which the medieval castle with its wide walls that surround the village is the most striking evidence.

The victory of an entire community.

As we said at the beginning, the satisfaction is great also because it is a result that rewards the whole community of Soave, all the operators who in various ways work in this area and who have, each one in his own field, helped to win this coveted trophy.

Corte dei Soavi Relais that has made quality its absolute standard of reference, naturally fits into this frame of prestige. Its location in the heart of a hill surrounded by vineyards, is a strategic place from which to explore far and wide this beautiful area. A territory that offers many reasons of interest: from bike rides, to horse riding, walks among the fields and orchards and ancient buildings.

Unmissable for food and wine lovers the visits in the cellar to taste and possibly buy at competitive prices, our Soave, without forgetting that , just a stone’s throw away, there is the Valpolicella area , famous all over the world for its Amarone, one of the great red wines to age, not only Italian.

If you want to spend a pleasant holiday in all relax, also a family holiday, enjoying the beauty of the landscape, the richness of the local cuisine, the variety of cultural initiatives… then we are convinced that Corte dei Soavi Relais will satisfy you as you deserve.

Want to know more? Send a mail or call: we’ll be happy to give you all the information you need!




Corte dei Soavi Relais: for a family holiday to remember!

Corte dei Soavi is a Relais immersed in the quiet of a beautiful hill, surrounded by the greenery of nature and silence. A special place, in the heart of the production area of Soave and close to Verona, where to spend a few days in full relaxation, alone or as a couple. But, also with your family, of course!

Our idea of hospitality

We would like you to feel comfortable as soon as you step into our Relais, as if it evoked in you a remote familiarity, a warmth you thought you had lost but now you find preserved, exactly how you remembered it. We would like your holiday to flow serene and full of things to tell and when going back home you could feel that Corte dei Soavi is part of you. And of your family history.

Are we ambitious? May be... But that is our idea of hospitality: to offer the most pleasant alternative to your usual daily routine, well aware that travelling with the family implies priorities different from those of a couple. Facilitate the stay of our guests means to pay maximum attention to services that make their stay in our Relais more pleasant, comfortable and worry-free.

Our services for children.

We know that all children are artists. Their imagination has no limits and with very little they can create little wonders that most of the time leave us speechless. At Corte dei Soavi your children can have all the material they want to write, draw, colour , play board games and so on.

But what, no doubt, is irresitible to them is the pool. A pool not too deep or of olympic size, but big enough for them to spend beautiful hours playng in the water. At their disposal there are armbands, tubes, swim rings and simple games suitable to their age.

And those for babies?

If you travel with a baby is different. When they are so young, babies are at the center of the attention and mum and daddy’s job cannot be learnt from books, it deserves all our understanding.

Well aware of the extra lugguage you should bring along, we have equipped our Relais with some baby essentials for the care of your child. Here is an indicative list:

  • Bottle warmer

  • Sterilizer
  • Microwave
  • Small plastic cutlery and crockery
  • Night lights and potty
  • Baby bath tub
  • Toilet reducers
  • Step stool for the sink
  • High chairs
  • Cradles and cots

Any item can be provided if asked at the check-in.

Soave: a holiday in complete tranquillity!

If you want to disconnect from everyday life along with your family, if you are looking for a location with all comforts, if you want your children discover new places and enjoy themselves safely… Corte dei Soavi Relais is the ideal place for your next holidays.

Want more information? Write or call: we are always at your disposal!


Corte dei Soavi Relax: comfort and relax for bikers of all ages!

For people who like you are true bike lovers, it is unthinkable to spend a holiday without being able to move freely and explore the surrondings.We know that very well. Starting from Corte dei Soavi Relais, in the heart of Soave vineyards, in fact, you can choose from many routes suitable for those who love both the mountain-bike and the road bike and you can count on a series of services designed specifically for you.

Our services for bikers.

First of all you are not forced to bring your bike with you. If you like to travel light and confident in the availability of vehicles on site, then you are in the right place: at Corte dei Soavi you can easily rent 2 e-bikes to go where you want.

Do you need anything else? Near our Relais you have the opportunity to rent the right bike for you, for any kind of route: from the country paths, to the most adventurous paths in the hills. Besides we cooperate with agencies specialized in the round-trip transportation of people and bikes to less close areas.

Then if your bike goes where you go, and you do not want to part with it, know that you have at your disposal not only a safe ( and covered) place where to keep it after your excursions or special tours (Verona is close and worth a visit), but you can also repair it if needed in our small workshop. Small, but well-equipped to mantain the high performance standard of your inseparable bike.

What can the Soave and Veronese area offer? Almost everything!

Is it the first time that you visit the Soave region? You won’t be disappointed! But if you need maps or directions of the routes best suited for your athletic preparation and that of people with you (for example children), we can recommend the best to make your stay as pleasant and challenging as possible. Luckily there is no shortage of choices!

The Veronese area is a small corner of paradise: plain, lake and rolling hills as far as the mountains; woods, chestnut groves, lush valleys with vineyards, cherry trees and olive tree groves that will surround you everywhere.

Nested like jewels there are small rural villages ,monasteries and churches . A region rich in history that is appreciated in all seasons: with enchanting scents in spring, lush landscape in the summer and warm colours that accompany the joy of the grape harvest in autumn.

An experiece to be lived walking or, in your case, riding on two wheels. It will be made easier thanks to the many touristic itineraries: you’ll always find the right one for your level of training and that of people who accompany you.

And after the bike ride a bit of deserved relaxation.

Back from your excursion you and your family not only can use our laundry,but it is also possible to take a dip in the pool to take off your tiredness. And between swims, lying in a comfortable deck chair, may be with a good book, you have the opportunity to sip an excellent glass of Soave, well appreciated all over the world.

Everything is made possible immersed in the quiet of our large garden. In short , relaxation is guaranteed!

And to finish what is better than a nice dinner in a typical restaurant, with a zero km menu, that offers local cuisine? Also in that case we can give you the best tips to find the right restaurant.

Come and visit us: unforgettable itineraries and emotions await you!




Sustainable tourism, responsible tourism: concepts to which we are, fortunately, becoming more and more accustomed and which, undoubtedly, represent a real cultural progress. A way of thinking that is also a lifestyle and that to be really effective requires a coparticipation of all the actors involved: from the tourist who is about to visit new places, to those who have the job of welcoming him; from those who, also politically (in its highest sense), have to manage a territory, to those who offer typical products, cultural events and quality food cuisine in the area.

Sustainable tourism starts first of all from here.

When we think of sustainable tourism, almost inevitably, we imagine more or less exotic or particularly fragile places, like certain protected areas. Actually the concept is very broad and concerns, or should concern, territories much closer to us.

For those who do our job and do it with conscience, believing in it, there is a fundamental value; a kind of compass, which constantly guides us: the respect. Respect for the environment where we live, for the culture we are children of, for the tourist who has chosen us for his holidays.

Corte dei Soavi is an old farmhouse immersed in a beautiful landscape, shaped over the centuries by man. Landscape that for historical vocation finds in the many vineyards, leaning along gently rolling hills and soft valleys, one of its most typical connotations. And are those vineyards that surround Corte dei Soavi Relais that emphasize, once more, our total belonging to an area that beyond rhetoric, is a symble of absolute excellence and sees in its wine its undisputed jewel in the crown. Soave among the whites and Amarone among the red ones every year attract in these places wine lovers from all over the world.

Why come to Soave?

The damages, perhaps irreparable, of mass tourism are visible to everyone. We are talking of a huge demand for a really limited supply, not inexhaustible, that is forced to change its own nature, to lose the sense of its historical, cultural and social roots. A touch and go tourism more and more eager for strong experiences and emotions that, in the end, more or less look all alike.

Despite being in the middle of a triangle that has the towns of Verona,Vicenza and Mantua as vertices, Soave keeps its precious balance. Balance that is the reason of its survival and, at the same time, of its strength. For those who are seeking contact with nature, for those who love to discover small villages untouced by the time, for those who want to take home an experience to share with friends, Soave is the perfect place.

Here where the peasant culture is still very strong (and how could it not be?), ancient traditions constantly remind us who we are. Where we come from. An example is the local traditional cuisine that when authentic, represents one of the most powerful and suggestive keys to go into the diversity of a territory, its uniqueness. More and more often trattorie, inns and restaurants offer “0 km” menus with dishes prepared with products coming from the surrounding area. Typical dishes, but revised with modern logic because the past is never a dead letter, always affects our present, and becomes a condition of our future.

If to propose sustainable tourism means…

  • to promote the knowledge and valorization of local cultures and traditions;
  • to respect the environment and nature;
  • to share local wealth and favour the socio-economic development of the territory;
  • to protect the landscape and historical beauties of villages and small towns;
  • to make unique and unforgettable the experiences lived by tourists...

... then Soave has all the qualities to meet the expectations of even the most demanding tourist.

The tourist we like the best, we are always happy to welcome as if he were one of us. The one who is curious to know , to understand, to live his more than deserved relaxation in full respect of what the context around him offers.

That’s why we always try to give him the best. He deserves it.

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