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Corte dei Soavi Relax: comfort and relax for bikers of all ages!

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For people who like you are true bike lovers, it is unthinkable to spend a holiday without being able to move freely and explore the surrondings.We know that very well. Starting from Corte dei Soavi Relais, in the heart of Soave vineyards, in fact, you can choose from many routes suitable for those who love both the mountain-bike and the road bike and you can count on a series of services designed specifically for you.

Our services for bikers.

First of all you are not forced to bring your bike with you. If you like to travel light and confident in the availability of vehicles on site, then you are in the right place: at Corte dei Soavi you can easily rent 2 e-bikes to go where you want.

Do you need anything else? Near our Relais you have the opportunity to rent the right bike for you, for any kind of route: from the country paths, to the most adventurous paths in the hills. Besides we cooperate with agencies specialized in the round-trip transportation of people and bikes to less close areas.

Then if your bike goes where you go, and you do not want to part with it, know that you have at your disposal not only a safe ( and covered) place where to keep it after your excursions or special tours (Verona is close and worth a visit), but you can also repair it if needed in our small workshop. Small, but well-equipped to mantain the high performance standard of your inseparable bike.

What can the Soave and Veronese area offer? Almost everything!

Is it the first time that you visit the Soave region? You won’t be disappointed! But if you need maps or directions of the routes best suited for your athletic preparation and that of people with you (for example children), we can recommend the best to make your stay as pleasant and challenging as possible. Luckily there is no shortage of choices!

The Veronese area is a small corner of paradise: plain, lake and rolling hills as far as the mountains; woods, chestnut groves, lush valleys with vineyards, cherry trees and olive tree groves that will surround you everywhere.

Nested like jewels there are small rural villages ,monasteries and churches . A region rich in history that is appreciated in all seasons: with enchanting scents in spring, lush landscape in the summer and warm colours that accompany the joy of the grape harvest in autumn.

An experiece to be lived walking or, in your case, riding on two wheels. It will be made easier thanks to the many touristic itineraries: you’ll always find the right one for your level of training and that of people who accompany you.

And after the bike ride a bit of deserved relaxation.

Back from your excursion you and your family not only can use our laundry,but it is also possible to take a dip in the pool to take off your tiredness. And between swims, lying in a comfortable deck chair, may be with a good book, you have the opportunity to sip an excellent glass of Soave, well appreciated all over the world.

Everything is made possible immersed in the quiet of our large garden. In short , relaxation is guaranteed!

And to finish what is better than a nice dinner in a typical restaurant, with a zero km menu, that offers local cuisine? Also in that case we can give you the best tips to find the right restaurant.

Come and visit us: unforgettable itineraries and emotions await you!



Orchidea - 105

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The room is a warm and cosy loft with wooden ceilings and natural wood floor.
Free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, minibar, electric kettle.
Towels, hairdryer and courtesy set in the bathroom.
Air conditioning and heating for the best room temperature.
Nice sheets on the beds, soft towels, nice curtains.
The room is particularly quiet.

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